Hi.  My name’s Laura, and welcome to my blog, “Write of Initiation.”  The story behind this blog is that since I was a kid I’ve wanted to be a fiction writer.  In the past I’ve let myself be distracted from that goal.  Now, though, I want to take my first shot at writing a novel and thought a blog of my progress would be great to go alongside it.  It seems a brilliant way of staying motivated, keeping track of my progress and forcing myself to reflect on my novel as I’m writing it.

Now I know some people may be wondering how I could write a blog about this.  After all, I’m not going to go ahead and publish chunks of my story online because I want to protect my material as best I can until it appears in print.  What I would like to do, though, is offer insight into what I am doing and my thought processes.  What am I reading, or what have I read, and how does this influence how I’m writing?  How fast am I writing?  How can I improve my style?  What are my strategies as I write and how are these changing over time?

Above all, my writing life up until this point has been strictly private.  I’d like to finally open myself and my techniques up to the internet to compare notes with other writers, whether aspiring like me or accomplished.  I’d like to know how we vary in our styles, how we are the same and what we can learn from each other.  I’d also love to hear from readers too: what do you look for in a book?  What keeps you interested and what irritates you beyond belief?

Overall, writing a book is a long road.  I’d love to make it less lonely.  Feel free to subscribe and I’ll make sure to update regularly.


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