Things That Are Hard: Writing With A Headache

Here comes a sheepish apology.  I am signing on to admit that immediately after starting this blog to encourage myself to write regularly I got a megacold and have struggled to so much as sit in front of a computer screen when not being paid to do so.

However, now I am slowly limping back to full health, I have realised I have to make a big change in how I work.  I present below my typical pattern of behaviour:

  1. Grow obsessed with something, put in lots of hours and work like a Trojan
  2. Something happens to break the flow
  3. Avoid the something for weeks
  4. Can’t get back into the something
  5. Abandon the something

There are several pastimes and projects which have fallen victim to this behaviour.  Devil May Cry.  Mass Effect 2.  My love life.

With the book, I am currently teetering between points three and four.  Therefore, drastic measures have had to be taken to get me back on the writing wagon.  The Wragon, if you will.

One of the books I have read about writing says that in order to become a professional writer you must write in a professional way – in other words, treat it like a proper job. It will have to be a part-time job for me because I’m in part-time work, but I want to make it a job nonetheless.

So, in order to adopt this mentality, I have set the following ground rules.

  1. I am going to work six days per week.
  2. I am going to write a minimum of seven pages per week.
  3. I shall publish how many hours I am writing, because I feel that enough head shaking and tutting will make me less lazy.
  4. In accordance with the UK law, working six days per week entitles me to 28 days’ annual leave, so that’s what I’ll take.  Yes.  That’s right.  I am actually assigning myself annual leave.
  5. Every month I will have a performance review.  I am legally allowed to bring a trade union representative to said performance review, but since that would be leaving Organised at the bar and letting Insanity drive me home, I feel I should let this one slide.

So, it’s the start of something big.  Wragon, away!


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