Upping My Game

Evening all!  I promised an update, so here I am delivering one after several hours of sorting out books and papers.  So tiring!  Definitely worth it, though.  I’ve taken out all the unread fiction novels I have accumulated over the years, so they are now the first things I wake up to with their guilt-inspiring unbroken spines.  Don’t worry, friends, I shall read you all.

Not yet, though.  Currently still working on the Hunger Games, which I’m thoroughly enjoying.  I’ll stop the praise there because, let’s be real, everyone else is raving enough about it already without me sticking my oar in.

As for my writing trial, well!  The next day, buoyed up by ambition and enthusiasm, I pushed through four and a half pages in a day.  Today was a respectable two pages, but only because it was all speech and my lazy formatting has made six hundred words take up more space.

I think I’ve taken an important lesson from this experience.  The first is that, last week, and certainly the weeks before that, I may have been patting myself on the back whilst taking it a bit easier than I should have been.  I think I can drastically increase my efficiency and focus on good writing days.  Bad writing days still seem to get about five-hundred words out of me, so I think I should keep to this amount and take these times to reflect on the novel and ways to tackle the events in the story more creatively.  Normally doing that seems to lead to the good days anyway.

Luckily my good writing days are on a three-day cycle so it’s not a problem.  I’m not kidding.  It’s a bit worrying.  I’ll produce a graph sometime and show you all.

For now, though, I am knackered, so I shall turn in and hope I haven’t littered this post with too many typos.  Goodnight!


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