Where Has My Week Gone?

Gah, where did my week go?!  Sorry guys, I can only apologise!  Life has been so hectic that I ended up losing last week entirely.  Had a fantastic and very educational time in London (that sounds dubious, but I actually mean the Natural History Museum) but nonetheless I’m so lazy and suburban that I actually somehow needed to prepare emotionally for it all week.  Add to that a change of office, studying again and producing a lesson plan and somehow my week just evaporated.

However, I have a few interesting ideas for posts, accomplished some universe and plot development and am back in a place where I can start writing narrative, so it should be plain sailing again from here.  I shall make it so.

Anyway, in the absence of a proper thought-out topic and tangible progress, let me take this opportunity to at least write about a few new intentions.

Firstly, I shall read a Patricia Cornwell novel called Post Mortem – no spoilers!  Basically my story is going to involve mystery and crime, and so I need to become more familiar with the structure and tone.  Where better to start than here?

Secondly, I shall get back to the industrial roots of my home county, the West Midlands.  I’ve always been fascinated by factories and the heritage of this part of the UK, and since my book may include some industrial settings I’d like to look around the West Midlands for some inspiration.

Finally – and most importantly for you, lovely reader – I shall now blog on Fridays.  Early week has gotten a bit busy, so, to avoid being any more inconsistent, I’ll publish a few days later when I’ve got less going on.

Unfortunately not a very interesting post.  More a quick flag-up that I am in fact still alive.  But next Friday, I will… somehow… wow you.  Promise.  So until then, friends!


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