Just Because It’s A Job…

Hello, all!  I have several announcements this week.  I’ve surpassed ten blog followers and gained over one hundred Twitter followers!  Thank you to everybody who has supported my blog and helped me reach – and exceed – those big round numbers.  You are all very much appreciated.

It’s only right that I try my best to work hard in exchange for that support, and I’m pleased to tell you that my writing has finally picked back up to a decent pace.  Over the course of the last three days I’ve written over two thousand words and I’m feeling good about it.

Two factors have really helped to get the ball rolling again, and I’d like to discuss them both here.

Firstly, music.  I’m certainly not the first author to make use of music during their creative process, and I started thinking about music I associated with the book a while ago.  After my slump last week, however, its value has truly made itself known.  It’s reminded me of the feel of the novel – the atmosphere.  It’s this perfect little summation of what I’m getting at which doesn’t need construction or summation or elaboration.  If you’re a writer and don’t have a playlist for your story, have a crack at making one.  It may not seem important, but it can turn out to be a quick and therapeutic way to submerge back into your story world.

The second factor was a little matter of acceptance.  I am halfway through Chapter Six.  And why?  Because I have accepted that Chapter Five is just not ready to happen yet.  I am taking a new strategy by just writing the bits I know I can write, and, heaven forbid, actually enjoying it.  I was getting so hung up on the bigger picture that I forgot I could enjoy it somehow.

The twists and turns of the mystery element are going to need some more time to come to fruition, but I’m going to stop stressing about that as much.  At first draft stage, I’m willing to just forgo the details and have a good time with the narrative for as long as possible.  Because, hey, just because I want writing to be a job, it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it, right?

P.S.  My playlist may be book-specific, but I still challenge anyone not to feel wired to write after listening to Howl by Florence + the Machine.  Gives me the tingles!


3 responses to “Just Because It’s A Job…

  • EDHarrison

    Nice going on your progress :). Do you not find that music with lyrics, as opposed to orchestral or something, disturbs your writing and inner monologue of thoughts? I can never concentrate on anything other than the song I’m listening to when I know every word.

    • writeofinitiation

      Thanks! I know what you mean about music with lyrics. It can be the case that I find myself distracted by lyrics, but it really depends on what mood I’m in. Sometimes it’s an escape and sometimes it’s a nuisance.

      However, often I find it easier to alternate between writing and listening to music, meaning I don’t have to worry about splitting my attention and feeling disturbed. I also find it helps to have a song which has lyrics which resonate with the tone of the book as well as the “right” sound. I’ll visualise scenes or montages, or empathise with my characters.

      The funny thing is that, in general, I actually find instrumentals – especially orchestral music – to be more distracting! Those pieces are so elaborately put together it feels like every part demands complete and undivided attention. Beautiful but so high maintenance!

      • EDHarrison

        Very true about instrumentals. I think I know what you you mean, I remember reading somewhere that Stephanie Meyer wrote the Twilight series whilst listening to Muse and other bands like that, and I suppose they match well with the eerie-ness of the stories. Not to mention Muse are an amazing band! 🙂

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