It’s Tekken Me Back

Kids, (my apologies, I’ve watched so many How I Met Your Mothers I’m beginning to think this is the only way to introduce anything) one thing I have neglected to mention to you thus far is that I used to be a humungous Tekken fan.  Tekken 3 was the first demo I ever had that came by itself, rather than in a collection, and it held my ten-year-old brain utterly transfixed.  There I’d sit, endlessly using Eddy Gordo to whomp Paul Phoenix and Forrest Law, resolving to one day purchase it and both of its predecessors and complete the hell out of them.

I took up Taekwondo to be like Hwoarang and am fairly sure the fact that channelling electricity is my desired superpower is attributable to Jin Kazama.  To this day I have the magazine I scored from a kid at primary school showing the connections between all the characters up to Tekken 3.  I cherished it.  It was a soap opera for a tomboy less bothered about who was sleeping with whose mother as much as which entity had consumed whose mother’s soul.

You know, real freakin’ problems.  God.

During my degree I was like, “I could study South Korea. Hwoarang’s from South Korea.” No joke.

Granted, over time my interest dwindled.  I settled into nonchalance when the series suddenly decided the Devil Gene was actually passed down from Jin’s great-grandfather when initially it had been the result of his father’s pact with the (apparently Vimto-flavoured) devil.  I had rolled my eyes when the series created hype around the secret identity of Steve Fox’s dad and then completely forgot to follow it up at all.  I only bought Tekken 6 out of a sense of loyalty to a series which had given me so much enjoyment in the past.  Regardless of how much crack the writers had snorted since then.

“Could we get him in Irn Bru?”

Over the last couple of days, however, I’ve been growing attached to the series again.  I like its simplicity and its campy undertones.  I like hitting things.  I like dressing up totally ripped people in silly hats and staring in laughing bewilderment as I am confronted by random groups of topless miners like I’ve stumbled across an underground gay bar.  I enjoy being weirded out by Unknown wearing only purple goo like a victim of Ivan Ooze in the Power Rangers Movie whilst looking suspiciously – oh, so very suspiciously – like Shannen Doherty.

Jun’s sister, my arse! I mean, look! Is it just me?! Surely it isn’t just me.

It’s soothing somehow, this childhood relic of flashy moves and pretty people.  And it’s made me remember something: I love big casts.  I love them.  I loved Heroes and X-Men and Battlestar Galactica.  I love the edge of absurdity it touches that one simply cannot easily get away with using only a couple of protagonists.  Stupidity and disconnected sagas and cheesy revenge motives.  There just aren’t enough of them around anymore.

And, right now, I’ll admit… I really want to make my own…


13 responses to “It’s Tekken Me Back

  • sixpuns

    Tekken was one of my favs too. Esp. playing as Marshall Law in Tekken 4 an fighting the Tekken Force, too…which begs the question did you ever play SoulEdge (the original 1996 one)? Pure awesomemess.

    • writeofinitiation

      I actually haven’t played Soul Edge, no. But I loved Tekken Force! So glad they’ve brought that feature back. Now all I’m missing is Tekken Ball Mode and Bowling. Have you tried the new Street Fighter X Tekken game?

      • sixpuns

        Street Fighter X Tekken, hmm I haven’t tried that one. I heard they made another game Tekken X Street Fighter, too. I need to get back into the swing of things with that, seeing as the last Tekken-related thing I saw was the movie (oh, if you haven’t seen it, don’t).

      • writeofinitiation

        Haha! Duly noted. Well, apparently some of the gaming community disagree with me, but if you enjoy Tekken don’t get Street Fighter X Tekken in my opinion. They basically rip out everything Tekken in it, reduce it to 2D (not just the animation, the fighting too – no sidestepping) and drop most of the characters’ moves. I went in with Hwoarang and the poor guy was like, “I are have combo? Where please?” :-S

      • sixpuns

        Hmm That’s sad to hear…Tekken’s supposed to be a 3-D game and all…yeah, you know I was never a big Street Fighter fan (or Mortal Kombat fan for that matter). It kind of had to do with the game system I had at the time, which was called homework, lol. Nah but I really liked Tekken and Soul Edge (which is Soul Calibur now for whatever reason) they seemed to have enough of that mindless fighting to be satisfying.

      • writeofinitiation

        Oh, the early Soul Calibur! Sorry, I know what you mean now. Regrettably didn’t play it though. Played later ones but still prefer Tekken myself. I don’t mind Mortal Kombat so much, but I find Street Fighter utterly unwieldy. Perhaps I’m just too young to appreciate something from the arcade age of gaming. Ah, homework. How you suffered just so I could bowl with Gun Jack.

      • sixpuns

        hahaha lol yes it was interesting to see games go from 2-D Atari stuff (if you know of Malcolm Mortar, Phoenix, or Pole Position you get bonus points) to Super Mario and then Sonic (which was HUGE after Mario came out). It was Sega vs. Nintendo for a while, until Playstation came along. Ah, memories..

      • writeofinitiation

        And then Sony trumped them all. And then the Xbox came out. And the 360. And then the PS3 was just too late – and then too faulty – to get enough original titles. I was PS2-the-end but I had to sell myself out to Microsoft just to have any new games. God, I loved my Sega Megadrive. I think I still have it, actually.

      • sixpuns

        All these game systems I know not of…well, I mean I know PS2 and PS3 but the Xbox and 360 never got into…and the Wii I’ll play on occaision if I’m at a friends house. I think these systems have gotten way too complicated in general…PS3 is no longer a multiplayer system (for all intents and purposes), it’s graphics intensive etc. etc. Well I’ve gotta go now, but I do appreciate this little chat, do more posts on Tekken! lol

      • writeofinitiation

        Don’t cross over! At least not until we’ve got a fresh batch of cookies for you… Thanks, I appreciate it myself! I’ll be sure to let you know if the Iron Fist Tournament emerges on my blog again! I might even pun more, just for you!

  • sixpuns

    or, awesomeness if you will, lol

  • writeofinitiation

    Ah, I see! So Tekken X Street Fighter will be hosted on Tekken’s 3D game engine and Street Fighter X Tekken was hosted on Street Fighter’s engine! I get it. Thanks for telling me about it! Now I shall just be vibrating in childish excitement for the next two years waiting for it to awesome itself onto the shelves.

  • sixpuns

    I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger’s Award! Check my site, page “Awards”.

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