The Toaster Has Sprung

It has been a long time since I was last on here, hasn’t it?

I am sorry for disappearing and hope the silence of my tiny self-indulgent project has not caused readers any minor fleeting curiosity.  A few things happened since my last entry and I regrettably went to ground in order to coccoon and come out as a butterfly.

Not that that metaphor is horrendously overused or anything.

Anyway, in terms of writing I think a lot of progress has actually been made – though a little more outwards than I anticipated.  Coming up against yet more issues with my one big project, I think I’ve finally done what I’ve needed to all along: branch out and start, heaven forbid, thinking like a writer rather than the writer of one all-eggs-in-basket attempt at a masterpiece.

That’s right: I think I’ve finally killed the lingering perfectionist.  I’m starting to have ideas everywhere, in every genre and for every age range.  I’ve completed a piece of work and am midway through completing others.  I have finally organised my thoughts and projects into an actual bloody folder and started to think of writing as a job – as well as a free-for-all scavenger hunt in an ugly-ass overcrowded market.  Plus I’m enrolling on a creative writing class this September, so I have plenty of ammunition for the blog in terms of what I’ve been achieving and adding to my portfolio.

My original project is always going to be on the cards, and I will keep adding to it.  But right now I feel a tad underqualified – and too far in a rut – to properly do it justice.  Besides, I refuse to be a one trick pony.

Also, I will be funnier next time.


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