Laura! Do Your Exercises!

You know, I didn’t think I’d achieved much this week in a writing sense.  I’ve been flitting around the incompletes in my portfolio without anything really jumping out at me.  And yet, reflecting upon the past two weeks, I’ve actually done a fair few things – things I told myself I should start doing, miraculously enough.  (It probably doesn’t sound miraculous to the casual observer, but this actually is a surprise.  I never listen to me nag.)


  1. I have taken to free-writing and free-drawing.
  2. I have forced myself to think up summaries for new short stories in five minutes flat.
  3. I’ve started writing two fanfictions to help ease me back into original writing.
  4. I went online and did a little research to educate myself about some terms and parts of history with which I have never been acquainted.
  5. I have finally begun to compile some old short stories and ideas in my portfolio, and like some of the stuff I’ve found.


I’ve also taken a look back at the story which was stumping me and have thought my way out of a plot issue.  Maybe all these writing exercises really are helping me along!


So, what’s next?  I reckon I need to do the following:

  1. Update my records for character designs
  2. Type up the notes for one of my stories
  3. Produce a nice calendar detailing all the stuff I could – should – be getting on with
  4. Finally finish the damn book I’m reading
  5. Finish another story

Perhaps paying any attention to what I say will pay off twice!


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