Violent Typing + No Thinking = Win

Hi guys.  This week has not been without its challenges, but a lot has actually been accomplished.  My handwritten notes have been typed up into almost 4,000 words of work (apparently with such force my laptop would not be unreasonable to call social services when I am out).

Also, those scenes are only first drafts, so they’ll have to be majorly fleshed out as time goes on, meaning room for growth and lots of groundwork going down.  I’m still writing more scenes, which is great, and I’ve watched a couple of movies which ideally will put me in the right mindset in terms of plot structure.

I think there’s a lot to be said for writing the first draft before fleshing out your characters.  Only for things which are more action-based, of course.  If your story is driven by your character’s psyche you can’t exactly exclude them from the party.  But just getting bare bones down, which you know are going to need a lot of work, is quite comforting because you aren’t writing anything to which you feel committed or attached.  I write a scene and, if the scene doesn’t tally up with my characters for the second or third draft, I’ll reinvent, re-jig or replace it.  It means the creativity can just keep on flowing without me worrying in the moment where things are going to fit or whether they’re ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

I also find something quite soothing about going over a draft and editing it (albeit I am currently holding off until I’ve finished the first draft completely).  I feel like a teacher, going over the work with fresh eyes and thinking about what needs to change or be added.  Perhaps I need a red marker to better accomplish this task.  Is it acceptable to put ticks on your own work?  Or is it arrogant?  Or do I just need to get some sleep?


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