Final Project: Check. Bunch of New Stuff: Your Time is Nigh.

Seven thousand words refined for my final piece.  Seven thousand words.

Seven thousand.

Okay, I’m over it.  So, yeah, my final piece challenge has ended in the formal sense and I got to perform some of my work in the last session of class.  Not enough time to read all that much of it, but reading aloud is most definitely getting easier.  Give me some animated dialogue and I’m well away performing a one-man pantomime.

Now, that’s it: last lesson over until the new year!  Still, my time reading it aloud may be up but one thing’s for sure: I’ll be continuing this piece every chance I get.  It flows so well and I think it’s got some serious potential for publication.  I know everyone says that but, really, it does!

It’s kind of sad the class is over, but in another way I’m a bit relieved.  I have plenty of other stuff going on which needs my attention right now.

For a start, I have a Christmas competition with the writing group on top of my standard five pieces of work.  It has to be something to do with carol singers so I’ll have to pull my finger out if I want to avoid it being cheesy.  Let’s face it: in the writing world, lactose intolerance is a good thing.

Plus I’ve been asked to prepare a short article on a specific topic.  It’s part of an application process for an internship with a new magazine based locally to me.  I hear I’m one of the remaining three candidates and I’m heading to an interview with them in two weeks’ time.  Got to get my research skills on, as well as a haircut.

Nervous!  (For the interview, not the haircut.)  Wish me luck!


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