I will keep my victory dance to a modest bum shuffle and head bop for the sake of politeness and good British decency.  But I did get it.  Yay!  Just got to dot some Is and cross some Ts in the paperwork department and I’ll start sometime in the New Year.  So happy!  Merry Christmas indeed!

And what a Christmas!  It feels like it’s crept up on me this year but, somehow, I have all my presents a week in advance.  I’m not positive how.  Perhaps it’s one of those sci-fi/thriller storylines where I’m having blackouts and being mind controlled, waking up with more and more shopping bags as my handler steers me towards a rare state of festive readiness.

Meanwhile I need to write that Christmas carol story for the writing group.  The plot has now completely changed to something more straightforward.  Essentially I’ve simplified it because the more I researched the harder it became to glue together the setting, characters and situation I had intended.  Instead I took my research in a completely different direction and got a touch preoccupied with the traditional local carol singing which takes place in pubs across Sheffield.  Given that Sheffield’s close to my heart I’ve decided to use that as the new basis for my story.  Christmas is all about heart, after all.

Well!  I’d better get a move on!


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