Oh, My Stars: I Have A Plot

Ordinarily I walk through life being informed, fairly regularly, that I have lost the plot.

I accept this but politely correct them by pointing out that one cannot lose something one never had in the first place.

But, alas! (Side note: I’d love to wander about in public just shouting, “Alas!” at random moments, without actually following it up with anything else.). Last night, I gave my first thought in quite a while to my novel and sat down with my Wunderlist app to try to hash out the plot from start to finish.

And I did it.

No pauses. No regarding a gap awkwardly and muttering, “I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.” I actually wrote my entire plot out, in its entirety. Like, entirely. All of it.

Not to mention, I’ve written a good chunk of it in rough – more than I thought I had – so I can now hash out a whole first draft without any more hiccoughs.

So happy!

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