About the Blogger

Hi.  My name’s Laura, and welcome to my blog, “Write of Initiation.”  The story behind this blog is that since I was a kid I’ve wanted to be a fiction writer.  In the past I’ve let myself be distracted from that goal.  Now, though, I want to take my first shot at writing a novel and thought a blog of my progress would be great to go alongside it.  It seems a brilliant way of staying motivated, keeping track of my progress and forcing myself to reflect on my novel as I’m writing it.

When I’m not writing, blogging or Tweeting, I’m generally spending time with my friends and partner, watching movies, playing Xbox or reading.  In fact, now my muscles aren’t trying to retreat into my bones to escape the cold, I shall even consider a gym membership again.

I love thrillers and sci-fi stories because it feels like an achievement to get to the end of one and still know what is going on, though I do read some lighter stuff too.  I am also magnetically drawn to New Scientist magazine and love to keep learning – especially about society, psychology and history.  I’m particularly interested in East Asian culture and society because I took it as a degree subject, and I don’t doubt that it has influenced the way I write and think.  I’d love to get out and visit that part of the world first-hand – especially Japan and South Korea.

What else?  I drink Guinness and straight whiskey.  I watch sitcoms and American TV dramas.  Sheldon and Dexter for the win.  I want to get out and see more British pantomime and I love visiting old castles and monasteries.  I am also trying to work my way through Empire’s list of 500 must-see movies because as an ex-Film Studies student it is shocking how few of them I have seen.  I enjoy game franchises like Fable and Mass Effect, as well as old classics like Streets of Rage and Crash Team Racing.

So, that’s me.  I hope you enjoy the blog. 🙂

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